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School Yearbook Pricing (for selected quantities)

Our typical prices range from:

  • $4.74 each for 500 soft cover books with 24 black & white pages to
  • $36.91 each for 100 hard cover books with 200 all color pages.

Our prices are based on:

  • Full Color Laminated Cover which resists stains and can be wiped with a wet cloth
  • 8.5"x11" yearbook on 80# Glossy Paper or Matte Paper
  • Electronically Prepared Files (PDF) submitted to us
  • Deposit sent to Lock in Price and Guarantee Delivery Date

We also offer :

  • Quick Start templates to help you get started on building your yearbook
  • Single-user PhotoBook Software (free)
  • Multi-user and Internet Storage Yearbook Fusion Software (small annual license fee)
  • Full color pages can be interspersed with black & white pages throughout the book instead of color pages needing to be in the same section (as required by many other companies)
  • Free Fully Bound Proof Book

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