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School Book

UBuildABook is a great option for any type of book. Whatever the occasion, we can make a book for it. Our School Books are no different. If you can think of it, we can create it! So whatever occasion you want to commemorate, UBuildABook can help make your memories come alive.

If you have the idea for a book, we can make your idea a reality. Whether you are creating a text book, or just want to capture a special classroom event, we can create a book you will be very proud of and cherish for years to come. If you have an important school assignment or you want to print your thesis, we use the same method as standard hard cover books to print thesis and dissertations.

Our books are of the highest quality and you will be very proud of them. You can create your book in any shape or size and it can be a hard or soft cover. We can design your layout for you or you can design it yourself. We accept any files as long as they are print ready and at least 300 DPI in resolution.

If you are interested in book publishing of a School Book, call us today and we can discuss the possibilities with you.


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