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To all Concerned,

I want to take a few moments and commend y'all for your hard work. You have exceeded our expectations at every encounter. In these times, it's hard to find people who honor their word and reputation...which y'all have done several times for us. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

To anyone considering using Ubuildabook, I would highly recommend them!
Thank you again and keep up the great work!

Greg Bruce
The Family Trust
You all are the best!

Just got my Mother's books and can now give them to her for her birthday tomorrow! She will probably cry when she gets them. If you ever need a testimonial just let me know! Have a great holiday and God bless!

Dale Sanson
Looks fantastic! Print quality: best ever.
Yearbooks: I hear word on the street (younger grade moms) is that they're unbelievable. I'll have "employment" for years to come. (Deployment might be better term!)

Deborah Karson
I really appreciated the user-friendly software and helpful staff. Thanks!

Maggie Murphy
Visit Maggie's webpage
My order just arrived and the books are beautiful!!! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with everyone there. My classmates will be thrilled.

Susan Meehan
We just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful job you all did on the Culinary Creations book for St. James!!

The student families received the books and absolutely love them! Everyone has commented at the quality and is amazed at how nicely they were printed.

Thanks for all of your hard work, it's been a pleasure working with all deserve a million thanks!

We were extremely pleased with the attention to our "last minute rush order."

Ramona DeWitte from Santa Barbara County Retirement Service
All the books have arrived and they look smashing.
Thanks so very much. I look forward to working with Ubuildabook soon again.
You do a wonderful job.
Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.

Jenny Lawrence
To All:
Thank you SO much for teaming with me to create the book for my friend. I got it on time, it looked just wonderful, and she was so pleased. You are all awesome, and Chris, you put up w/ a fair amount from me; I really really appreciate it.

Thank you so very, very much.

Thank you again for a lovely book. It's interesting, isn't it, how magic a book can be, holding it in your hands, and even more so if you wrote it!
Words can't express how pleased I am with the result. I have been making these books from scratch for several months (I'm a book artist), and searched high and low for a reasonably-priced publishing service, but everything seemed to start at around a thousand dollars.
I don't know how you guys do it, but please keep up the good work!

Dave Congleton
I just wanted to write a quick note to you guys there, and tell you that I am IN LOVE with the book you did for me! I have carried it around all week showing everyone. I have ordered and ordered tons of books from binders everywhere- and had just settled on the idea that none of them were going to have the look of a photo quality magazine style book, that I had dreamed about and when I finally got around to opening the package--I couldn't sleep that night. I was so thrilled.

My brides are going to be thrilled! You guys are just awesome!

Photography by Dena
The books arrived just fine last Thursday and we have started distributing them already! THANK YOU so much for your awesome turnaround time and professional job on the books. They look great and we are so appreciative for your super cooperation in this project.

There is a good chance we will be placing another order at a later date, but don't know when or how many. Just know that we will be bragging on you and will be in touch later.

Thank you again for everything,
Today I received the two perfectly-bound books, and they are terrific!

To say that I am impressed is truly an understatement. You may add this to your testimonials with my sincere blessings.Additionally, I sent another unbound copy of my book, Legendary Coaches of the Gridiron, for binding; you should receive it by the middle of this week.

I am glad to know that you retained the book's front and rear covers as well as the spine in your depository. Again, many, many thanks for your excellent work!

My books arrived today, and they look great. Thanks for doing such a professional job. You guys really do nice work. I'm so impressed I'll probably write another book!

Thanks also to Denise and Ellen for their help.

Jerry Graf
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your work – the books have arrived and they are beautiful.

I know my Father is going to be thrilled. Everything, from the tests, to working with Jason on the Cover Design, to the actual production went very quickly and smoothly.
A satisfied customer!

All the best,
That was fast! I am so excited! One of the books is going to the President of the college.

Thank you so much. Hope to have another order for you soon.

A million thanks to you and everyone there at u build a book!! The cookbooks look fabulous! The family loved them. Shelly (my mother-in-law) cried when she opened it! Every year she guesses what her gift from all of us will be (and evey year she's right) but we had her stumped this time!

Thank you for being so so nice and helpful even with all my scatterbrainedness and late LATE documents. And thank you for making such a fun gift possible! You guys have a good thing going over there; I can't wait to use you again! Thank you!

Alicia Fishbein
Jason and Denise and all who helped: Thanks for the time you spent on my Mom's poetry book that I had ya'll "built". I would suggest to anyone wanting to "build a book" for themselves to use ya'll.

Thanks again so much for a professional job and being so friendly and caring about my book.

Nancy Seddinger

A few minutes ago UPS came to the ranch and delivered 3 of the 4 box shipment of my book. I'm so happy. Thanks a million for everything. Jeff C recieved his 3 books in Oxnard, CA a couple of day ago. His remarks were, "Fantastic book!"

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the most prosperous 2006.

I just received the books today. Wow, they look fantastic! You guys do excellent work.

Thanks so much!

Thank you Ellen. I received the books last night and they look beautiful... Thank you so much... Your company made my Christmas!

Beth Enniss
The books arrived this morning ... wow!!!!!!!! Fantastic job! You are to be commended on the quality of the work. They look great!!! A lot of people are going to be pleased with the gift.

I presented your book to the client last night and they loved it, thank you for all the revisions and making it great. Again, thanks for a beautiful job.

I ordered our yearbooks from U Build A Book. Not only was I very happy with their price and how inexpensive it was, but I was also very impressed with the quality—our yearbooks are just beautiful! The kids love them.

The greatest part about dealing with U Build A Book was that the price for my re-orders was the same as for my original run.
I will definitely bring all my future yearbook printing to UBuildABook. They are first rate.

Michelle Odle From Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School
We placed our first order for U Build A Book about 20 days ago for Kaiser Permanente and our deadline was tight.

On the day before the deadline we called in to check on the order and were told that it was not due until four days later. We called the client to see if there was any elbow room at all and the answer was no.

We called your office and that's when Denise got on the line to talk to us. Denise is the most professional, cool and sharp lady I have dealt with in a very long time. We discussed the situation objectively. It seems that in our eagerness to get our first job we may have miscalculated production times. Denise got on the job and we made the deadline with three hours to spare. The client was delighted.

You have a great team. We now feel so confident about doing business with you that we will do our very best to get you many, many more jobs. Deadlines not withstanding Thank you.

Fred Hernandez
UBuildABook created a wedding scrapbook/memory book for my wedding. It was so easy to do! I just sent them the content that I wanted in my book as well as my most favorite photos from my wedding ceremony and reception.

It took about two weeks for them to create my books and when I received them, I could not believe how beautiful they were! The color was exactly the same as the photos that I sent them and the quality of the book was top notch. The binding was especially nice. I had seen other companies who used tape and U Build A Book did not use tape, so it looked much nicer.

I gave all the attendants as well as my family a copy of our wedding book and they all thought the books were beautiful. I would absolutely recommend U Build A Book to any couple who is getting married and wants a beautiful way to commemorate their wedding day.

Haylie and Jim Norton

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© 2016 UBuildABook