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Foil Covers

Foiling is the process of layering colored and/or patterned foils onto the book cover to create a pattern or design. Our Foil Covers are available in a wide range of colors and tints. Gold and silver metallic foils, as well as solid colors such as blue, red and green, tend to be the most popular. Other choices include glitter foils and holographic foils.

Tips for designing foil covers: Avoid very fine lines and small lettering. Such small surface area is insufficient for the foil to properly adhere, and may result in the lines "bleeding" into one another and obscuring the intended appearance.

Here are samples and prices of the Foil Colors we have available for:

  • Metallic Foils - Gold or Silver -- Add $2.00 per cover (100 minimum)
  • Metallic Foils - Other Colors - Add $2.50 per cover (150 book minimum)
  • Glitter Foils - Add $2.50 per cover (150 book minimum)
  • Holographic Foils - - Add $3.00 per cover (200 book minimum)

Metallic Foils - Standard Gold or Silver

Gold, Metallic, Bright         FF-MB GLD 01

Silver, Metallic, Bright FF-MM SIL 03

Metallic Foils - Premium

Gold, Metallic, Matte FF-MM GLD 90 Gold Metallic Matte Foil Silver, Metallic, Matte FF-MB SIL 40
Lt. Gold, Metallic, Bright FF-MB GLD 05

Copper, Metallic, Bright


Orange, Metallic, Bright FF-MB ORG 20 Hot Pink, Metallic, Bright FF-MB PNK 50
Red, Metallic, Bright FF-MB RED 90 Light Pink, Metallic, Bright FF-MB PNK 30
Med. Red, Metallic, BrightFF-MB RED 40 Med. Green, Metallic,BrightFF-MM GRN 80
Dark Blue, Metallic,BrightFF-MB BLU 85 Light Green, Metallic,BrightFF-MB GRN 51
Turquoise Blue, Metallic FF-MB BLU 30 Med. Blue, Metallic, Bright   FF-MB BLU 80
Electric Blue, Metallic    FF-MB BLU 70 Light Blue, Metallic, Bright  FF-MB BLU 20 Light Blue Metallic Foil-Bright
Purple, Metallic                 FF-MB PRP 90 Med. Purple, Metallic            FF-MB PRP 51 Medium Purple Metallic
Lt. Purple, Metallic, Bright   FF-MB PRP 10    

Glitter Foils

Gold, Glitter, Bright             FF-HP GLD 15 Silver, Glitter, Bright            FF-HP SIL 25
Red, Glitter, Bright              FF-HP RED 35 Purple, Glitter, Bright           FF-HP PRP 45
Gold, Holographic, Bright  FF-HP GLD 52B Silver, Holographic, Bright    FF-HP SIL 08

Holographic Foils

Holographic Foils come in transparent and opaque silver holographic patterns. Foil images below are of opaque silver holographic pattern foil and are for reference only. Colors in these images will vary significantly depending on lighting conditions.

Important note:

"TP" pre-fix code below stands for "Transparent Pattern Foil"
"SP" pre-fix code below stands for "Silver Pattern Foil"

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