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File Submission

Welcome from UBuildABook


Welcome to the UBuildABook Upload Server for transferring files quickly and easily to UBuildABook.

1. Place an Order (if not already done):
* We need to be able to match up your file submission with your order.
* You can place an order at Click HERE if you need to place an order

2. Properly Name Your File

* Include your name and the submission date in the file name as well as what the file is(Cover, Content, Dust Jacket, etc.)
Example: "YourName-FileType-(Date).pdf"

3. Select the File You Want to Send
* You can select one file at a time
* Send Content to us as a single PDF file
* Review your PDF file before you send it to us to ensure that pages are all in the correct order and that all fonts and images have been included. We "Print What You Send Us".
* Send Cover to us a separate PDF file from the Content file

4. Please enter your Name in the File Description


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